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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is designed to provide power to the load while keeping the parameters of voltage and frequency output within the limits of adjustment.

ESB Series manufactured by Essebi S.r.l. are designed for heavy duty rugged environments applications suited for chemical plants , refineries, power substation , airports, ship, defense and railways stations .

The units give a full insulation of the critical load from the mains in order to ensure a full power availability and reliability over an heavy polluted mains line supply , protecting the load from mains dip, sags and heavy harmonic disturbance .

ESB Series systems are fully designed and manufactured in Italy since 2018 and the production process is fully compliant with ISO9001-2015.

UPS ESB Series main data:

  • STANDARD POWER: from 1kVA to 1MVA three phase-three phase, from 1kVA to 20kVA single phase-single phase and to 30kVA three-single-phase
  • STANDARD VOLTAGES: 120-208-220–380-400-415–440-480–600V
  • FREQUENCY: 50-60Hz
  • COLORS: Standard RAL  
  • COOLING: Natural /Forced  Air or Liquid Cooled

Essebi S.r.l. , upon request, designs and builds custom equipment for every market need.

AC/AC Avionic Converters MFC AVIO (400Hz)

Essebi S.r.l. MFC AVIO converters range from 10kVA  to 300kVA with a standard output of 208Vac, 400Hz, 3 phase (480Vac or 575Vac available on request). These units are primarily used to supply power to aircraft during service/maintenance operations. MFC AVIO systems are ISO 6858, MIL –STD-704 and EN 2282 compliant. If required, the unit can be built into a special frame with an increased IP rating for outside use. Additionally, it can be mounted on a special trailer or shelter to enable it to be moved across the service/operation area. It is also possible to add a 28Vdc rectifier inside the unit (sized by customer) which is normally used with a 400Hz converter to supply aircraft during ground operations.

AC/AC Converter MFC AVIO Series main data:

  • POWER: from 3kVA to 300kVA , three phase-three phase; from 3kVA to 120kVA single phase-single phase and three-single-phase.
  • STANDARD VOLTAGES: 120-208-220- 380-400-415- 440- 480- 575-600V
  • FREQUENCY: 400- 440Hz
  • ENCLOSURE PROTECTION: IP21 to IP54 (up on request)
  • Standard colors RAL
  • COOLING: Natural /Forced  Air or Liquid Cooled

STS (static transfer switches)

The STS (static transfer switches) manufactured by Essebi S.r.l. are used for no-break transfers between two different power sources in order to supply the load without interruption when the main source fails. These devices can be manufactured for single or three phase applications and can transfer between the two sources in less 5 mSec. Essebi S.r.l.  STS are manufactured from 16A to 250A for the single phase units and from 32A to 6000A for the three phase units.STS are mainly used for data center applications to ensure a more reliable power source to feed servers and computer mainframes.

STS Series main data:

  • CURRENT: from 16A to 120A single phase; from 5 A to 6300A three phase
  • FREQUENCY 50-60Hz
  • COLOR: Standard RAL
  • COOLING: Natural /Forced  Air or Liquid Cooled

AC/DC Converter (Rectifiers)

AC/DC Converters (Rectifiers) are mainly used for industrial applications and test bench systems.

Essebi S.r.l. product range is:

  • Thyristor rectifiers for industrial applications or electrochemical applications (voltage from 0 to 900Vdc, current up to 20kA and power up to 2MVA).
  • High Voltage thyristor rectifiers for railway test equipment (output voltage adjustable from 0 to 4800Vdc and power up to 1MVA).
  • Thyristor rectifiers / battery chargers for emergency applications (typical 110Vdc with current up to 1000A).
  • Thyristor rectifiers and chopper regulators for motor test benches with an adjustable output voltage from 0 to 800Vdc and power up to 500kW.

These devices can be easily customized to any customer’s special requirements.

AC/DC Converter  main data:

  • POWER: from 5kVA to 15MVA , three phase input; from 5kVA to 100kVA single phase input
  • INPUT STANDARD VOLTAGES: 120-208-220-380-400-415-440-480-575-600V
  • OUTPUT STANDARD VOLTAGES: from 24Vdc to 5000Vdc
  • COLOR: Standard RAL
  • COOLING: Natural /Forced  Air or Liquid Cooled

DC/AC Converter (Inverter)

Essebi S.r.l. DC/AC inverters are mainly used in power stations or on industrial sites (where a DC supply is already available) to supply auxiliary equipment. LFC-DC systems are produced from 10kVA to 150kVA with an input voltage range of 50Vdc to 900Vdc and a fully configurable output voltage and frequency to suit the load. These units are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions such as Oil & Gas platforms, refineries or power plants.

DC/AC Converter  main data:

  • POWER: from 3kVA to 200kVAA , three phase output; from 3kVA to 160kVA single phase output
  • INPUT STANDARD VOLTAGES DC: from 48Vdc to 900Vdc
  • OUTPUT STANDARD VOLTAGES: 120-208-220-380-400-415-440-480-600V
  • FREQUENCY: 50-60Hz
  • COLOR: Standard RAL
  • COOLING: Natural /Forced  Air or Liquid Cooled

Integrated Test System

Essebi S.r.l. team has a huge experience in the development of test systems and laboratory tests for motors and transformers.

We made test-labs for transformers up to 380kV and power ratings up to 400MVA.

The specificity of these applications is unique and the study and the design have as input the specifications of the customer. 

The result is a fully customized realization that can meet the real needs of the customer.

Equipment for transformers testing up to 400kV and 600MVA



ESSEBI S.r.l. has adopted an organization, management and control model compliant with D.Lgs231/2001 (click for DLgs231.pdf  , WH_Policy  , WH_Reg.)

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