ESSEBI S.R.L. is a group founded in 1997 by the aggregation of several companies, which since the early 80s, work on the development of electrical and electronic systems , the construction and assembly of metal structures and the construction of thermotechnical systems.

The thirty-year experience of our staff, the continuous attention to quality and research and the excellent skills acquired allow us to meet the increasingly complex and flexible needs of individuals and companies in Italy and abroad.

Each of our projects is designed to create a perfect synthesis between technological innovation, engineering and a modern and functional modus operandi, collaborating with leading companies in the national and international market, always to guarantee our customers the best service and the highest quality.

Our Philosophy

ESSEBI is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction and respects the following ideals that have guided us for most of our business existence:

• Accuracy: in everything we do, in everything we can do.

• Flexibility: to eliminate critical business situations, change our approach to meet customer expectations and be ready and responsive to all emerging customer needs.

• Dedication: to our objectives, committed to offer an additional benefit to our customers.

• Safety: Safety First, safety at work is fundamental to us, which is why we constantly apply all the necessary procedures during the various processing phases.    Safety at work, fire prevention, work in confined spaces, survival at sea are some of the training courses that are followed and updated according to regulations.

ESSEBI is based on the persistent view of reliability.

Our ultimate goal, at all times, has been to make sure that every kind of change finds us ready and prepared.

Our Team

The administrative headquarters located in Naples, coordinates and supports with its activities the teams located throughout Italy and abroad.

In Genoa , there are the technical offices, the laboratory and the warehouse.

ESSEBI dedicates part of the profits each year to training both in the security field and for the knowledge and development of skills within its workforce. Our sessions concern not only the technical aspects of our work; They also train our staff on the most varied skills such as time management, managerial skills, global communications, best business practices, etc.

ESSEBI wants to guarantee its reliability and the best international standards. 

This is why he obtained the following Certifications (click for ISO_Essebi_Group.pdf):

• ISO 9001:2015

• ISO 14001:2015

• ISO 45001:2018

ESSEBI is a company qualified for the execution of public works (pursuant to D.P.R.207/2010), for the following categories (click for SOA.pdf):

• OG11

• OS18-A

In addition, ESSEBI has adopted an organization, management and control model (D.Lgs231/2001) for the prevention of crimes committed in the interest or to the advantage of the company. Also in order to ensure effective application, Essebi has developed a specific training program for all staff. (click for DLgs231.pdf).

ESSEBI S.r.l. has adopted an organization, management and control model compliant with D.Lgs231/2001 (click for DLgs231.pdf  , WH_Policy  , WH_Reg.)

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