ESSEBI S.R.L. promotes, distributes, designs and installs systems for the use of alternative and renewable energies, with high technological content

Wind, water, sun, are generators of incredible power, which we at ESSEBI S.R.L. use in our photovoltaic, wind, geothermal systems that can meet important energy demands, clean energy in the hope that our contribution and that of others, can mean a better future.

ESSEBI S.R.L. , studies, plans and realizes:

• Photovoltaic and wind farm systems

• Plants for the production of thermal energy through solar panels.

• Systems for the production of thermal and / or electric energy for waste disposal

• Energy saving systems, technological solutions for energy management

• Light flow regulators

In partnerships with leading companies in the market, ESSEBI S.R.L. offers solutions and provides turnkey plants for the improvement of energy efficiency, use and predisposition to renewable sources and energy recovery.

The phases of the project are designed to make the maximum return in terms of savings and quality by integrating our technical know-how to plants and traditional buildings.

In particular, each of our studies provides improvements and solutions in the following sectors:

• Plumbing and heating

• Low enthalpy geothermal systems

• Thermal insulation of walls and ceilings

• Insulation of windows

• Biomass for heating

• Conversion of energy from renewable sources

• Production of hot water from solar energy

• Rainwater recovery

• High efficiency boilers

The payback time of most of the proposed highefficiency technologies is estimated from 2 to 5 years. Beyond this relatively short time, there are other advantages brought by the efficiency of interventions, such as increased productivity and increased comfort.

After this period, the savings that the system involves compared to traditional technologies is considered an economic return for the benefit of the investor.

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ESSEBI S.r.l. has adopted an organization, management and control model compliant with D.Lgs231/2001 (click for DLgs231.pdf  , WH_Policy  , WH_Reg.)

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