Prevention means saving lives and saving money

Maintenance is increasingly being offered as a standard for this ESSEBI S.R.L. offers its customers the availability of specialized technicians and work teams to reduce intervention times and increase system availability.

Our highly qualified technical staff can help you with technical assistance, special requests, online services and on-site inspections.

We guarantee the maintenance, during the operating years, of the installed systems, with spare parts and technical information.

Our services are:

Staff training  

  • conduction and maintenance courses  
  • basic and advanced technical training courses

Service activities  

  • preventive maintenance  
  • corrective maintenance  
  • troubleshooting
  • instrumentation and calibration checks

Measurements and Test  

  • network analyzers  
  • thermography and gas detection
  • insulation tester
  • UPS / batteries tester  
  • verifications and certifications according to regulations  
  • process calibrators, HART

Supervision and works management 

Commissioning and Start-up 

Technical publications  

  • user and installation manuals  
  • diagnostic and maintenance cards  
  • technical and purchasing specifications 

Logistic support  

  • spare parts  
  • regulatory compliance  
  • reliability and security update

Maintenance, Repair & Service




International Clients


EU Clients




General Enquiries

Support Enquiries

ESSEBI S.r.l. has adopted an organization, management and control model compliant with D.Lgs231/2001 (click for DLgs231.pdf  , WH_Policy  , WH_Reg.)

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