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Carpentries & Metal Works

Maintenance, Repair & Service

Maintenance, Repair & Service

Efficiency & Energy Saving

Technical Equipment

Technical Equipment

Power, Automation & Control

UPS & Custom Electronics

Carpentries & Metal Works

ESSEBI is specialized in the processing of all alloys and metals (aluminum included) using various welding techniques (TIG, solid wire, continuous wire, electrode). 

ESSEBI thanks to the experience gained in shipbuilding, today it oers levels of excellence in the activities of: ...

Technical Equipment 

ESSEBI successfully operates in the civil, industrial and naval engineering sector, addressing differentiated customers.

Our activities are born and continue to grow developing innovative and quality products in order to offer advanced services to private customers, public authority and companies.

Power, Automation & Control

ESSEBI produces complete electrical equipments to cover all needs of modern process.

Starting from the study of the project we can offer turnkey solutions. We offer:

Electrical Equipment

Power Electronics

Automation System

Maintenance, Repair & Service


Prevention means saving lives and  money.

Our highly qualified technical staff can help you with technical assistance, special requests, online services and on-site inspections.

We guarantee the maintenance, during the operating years, of the installed systems, with spare parts and technical information.

Efficiency & Energy Saving

ESSEBI offers solutions and provides turnkey plants for the improvement of energy efficiency, use and predisposition to renewable sources and energy recovery.

The phases of the project are designed to make the maximum return in terms of savings and quality by integrating our technical know- how to plants and...

Turn-Key Projects

ESSEBI offers a complete and personalized turnkey service, able to ensure total control of every technical aspect, time of realization and investment.

The proposed service consists of:

Feasibility study

Executive project

Management and supervision of ....




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ESSEBI S.r.l. has adopted an organization, management and control model compliant with D.Lgs231/2001 (click for DLgs231.pdf  , WH_Policy  , WH_Reg.)

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